LOTTE Let' Be Mild Coffee 6PC

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Brand: LOTTE
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LOTTE Let' Be Mild Coffee 6PC

Size: 175mL x 6

Coffee as sweet as the excitement of first love, always be with you!

First launched in February 1991, Let’s Be has been loved by consumers as the nation’s canned coffee for the past 30 years. Just like the brand name that started from 'Let's be together', Let's Be has always been by our side when we need canned coffee. The moment you are worried about choosing coffee, try Let’s Be, the national canned coffee.


롯데 레쓰비 마일드 커피 6PC

용량: 175mL x 6

첫사랑의 설레임처럼 달콤한 커피, 언제나 함께 하세요!

1991년 2월 처음 출시된 레쓰비는 지난 30년동안 국민 캔커피로서 소비자들의 꾸준한 사랑을 받아 왔어요. Let's be together에서 시작된 브랜드명처럼 레쓰비(Let's Be)는 캔커피가 필요할 때 우리의 곁에 늘 함께 해왔죠. 커피 선택이 고민되는 그 순간, 국민 캔커피 레쓰비와 함께 해보세요.


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