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Kimchi & Frozen

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Black Bean Natto
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Black Bean Natto

$5.99 – $35.00
Native Radish Kimchi
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Soybean Natto
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Soybean Natto

$5.99 – $35.00
Real Crispy Corn Dog
Flat Pork & Chive Dumplings
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Pork Loin Cutlet 12oz

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THEFACESHOP delivers unfiltered natural ingredients.

THEFACESHOP believes in natural energy and always tries to incorporate beneficial properties into the products to satisfy customers.


Your health balance! Try tuning it again with re:tune.

re:tune is a nutritional supplement that contains healthy and genuine nutrition with minimal synthetic additives that is friendly to our body.


Eco Beauty for Mother Nature and Human Being.

he earth we live on seamlessly communes with human being to make us happy and beautiful subject to the rules of Mother Nature.


The Leading Professinal Brand
for Men's Total Skin Care

The professional products leads men's cosmetics in total.
VONIN leads in fashion, culture and trend as well as skin care.

CNP Laboratory

The healthier the skin becomes

Do you happen to know that a beehive is perfect for the skin?
CNP propolis ingredient, the source of life of honeybees,
keeps the skin age young, fresh and healthy.


The Delightful Change, O HUI

How come the skin looks different among people of the same age? The answer is in "Micro Aging Science" of OHUI integrated by advanced and innovative skincare technology.

Dr. Groot

Premium hair loss care, Dr. Groot

Dr. Groot provides expert and system care for hair loss and scalp health based on LG H&H’s technology and knowledge established through over 70 years of research in health and beauty.


No.1 Dairy Brand of Korea.

Namyang Dairy started with the baby milk powder business and expanded to dairy products, coffee, and drinks. Namyang became one of the three largest milk companies in Korea.

Perle di Sole

Only natural flavors, colors, the juice of Italian lemons & oranges.

From the soft gelèes coated with sugar to the hard candies with the iconic spherical shape that slowly melt in your mouth with their intense citrus taste.


Korea's leading food brand.

Ottogi's representative products are ramen, curry, simple food, and frozen food. Products are manufactured with state-of-the-art automatic process lines in a very hygienic environment.

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