LOTTE Family Pie 20PC 8.96oz(254g)

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Brand: LOTTE
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LOTTE Family Pie 20PC

Size: 8.96oz(254g)

Crispy and sweet mom’s hand pie, Palmier Carre!

The dough containing fermented butter was aged at a low temperature for 18 hours to add a crunchy texture and soft flavor. The carefully made dough is made into a 384-layer pastry pie to give it a crispy texture, and it is finished with acacia honey to add sweetness.


롯데 엄마손파이 20PC

용량: 8.96oz(254g)

바삭바삭 달콤한 엄마손 파이, 빨미까레!

발효시킨 버터를 넣은 반죽을 18시간 동안 저온 숙성하여 바삭한 식감과 부드러운 풍미를 더했습니다. 정성스레 만든 반죽을 384겹의 페스트리 파이로 만들어 바삭한 식감을 드리고, 아카시아 벌꿀로 마무리하여 달콤함을 더했습니다.


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