LOTTE 8 Grains Red Bean Paste Bar 6PC 10.58oz(300g)

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Brand: LOTTE
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LOTTE 8 Grains Red Bean Paste Bar 6PC

Size: 1.76oz(50g)x6

Red Bean Paste Bar(Yeonggang) made with 8 grains grown in Korea!

  • Brown rice, barley, black rice, glutinous rice, millet, sorghum, perilla seed, coix seed
  • Contains 8 types of Korean grains
  • Perfect as a meal replacement!

롯데 8곡 연양갱 6PC

용량: 1.76oz(50g)x6

한국땅에서 자란 8곡으로 만든 영양갱!

  • 현미, 보리, 흑미, 찹쌀, 기장, 수수, 차조, 율무
  • 8가지 한국산 곡물 함유
  • 한끼 식사 대용으로 딱!

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