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Brand: Ottogi
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Ottogi's pancake mix is a batter to make fluffy and soft textured and delicious pancakes for friends and family. You can get creative with your cooking with this mix by baking pastries such as muffins, crepes, and etc. 

Made in Korea

Cooking Directions

For 1 serving, about 2 sheets

  • Ottogi hot cake mix powder: 100g
  • Egg: 1/2 egg (25g)
  • Milk or water: 50mL (1/4 cup)

For 2 servings, about 4 sheets

  • Ottogi hot cake mix powder: 200g
  • Egg: 1 egg (50g)
  • Milk or water: 100mL (1/2 cup)

For 5 servings, about 10 sheets

  • Ottogi hot cake mix powder: 500g
  • Egg: 2 eggs (100g)
  • Milk or water: 270mL (1 and 1/3 cups)

1. Mix milk or water with egg. Add the proper amount of Ottogi hot cake mix to the egg mixture.

2. Preheat your pan on very low heat. Apply a small amount of oil to a pan and wipe off with a paper towel.

3. Pour out the batter into a pan and cook it for 3~4 minutes. You will see the surface of the hot cake forms bubbles. Do not flip yet! When the bubbles are not forming rapidly (about 3~4 minutes of cooking), it is time to flip.

4. Flip carefully and then cook it for 2~3 minutes.

5. Finishing up your hot cake with a little bit of butter,  maple syrup, or/and delicious fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and banana.


wheat flour, sugar, glucose, palm oil powder (palm oil, lactose, lecithin), baking powder, salt, vanilla flavor (artificial)

contains wheat, milk, soybean


Store cool and dry.


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