Mini Rice Doughnut Mix

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Brand: Ottogi
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A simple way to make chewy and delicious mini rice doughnuts! Both dough mix and jam mix are included for your convenience.

Product of Korea

What's in the box?
  • Dough premix powder
  • Topping mix powder
Cooking Directions

1. Put an egg (60g), water 75mL (1/2 Cup), Ottogi Soybean Oil 24mL (4tsp) in a mixing bowl. Stir it using a whisk until well mixed.

2. Add Mini Doughnut Mix Powder 240g into the bowl and stir it with the rice scoop. Knead it using your hand for approx. 2-3min or until the dough becomes soft.

3. Cut the dough (10g) and make it into a ball.

4. Pour the oil up to 2cm height into a frying pan. Preheat it over high heat for about 6min until it reaches 338F, then reduce heat to low.

5. Fry the mini doughnuts until they become golden (approx. 4-5min) over mid-low heat.

6. Plain doughnuts can be rolled in granulated sugar or cinnamon sugar-frosted if desired.

  • Dough premix powder: modified tapioca starch (hydroxypropyl tapioca starch, sugar, skim milk powder), modified waxy corn starch, wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, oligosaccharide, salt, baking powder, cinnamon
  • Topping mix powder: sugar, glucose, maple, maltodextrin, corn oil, molasses
  • Contains wheat, milk

Store cool and dry.


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